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What you have been told about the face is wrong! Most of us have learned that “Don’t touch your face, you will get wrinkles” or “Don’t pull your skin, it will get stretched.” New science shows that the face NEEDS exercising and that sagging and wrinkles can be reversed by eliminating “facial stiffness”.

You’ve probably also tried endless serums and creams with a golden promise of penetrating the skin and restoring facial youthfulness. Well, guess what? The most significant change will be coming from the inside. Serums and creams are lovely to help protect the skin against free radicals, but exercising your face daily will significantly impact your face’s fitness, long-term radiance, and youthfulness.

Face exercises stimulate the trigeminal nerve, which has been shown to improve mood positively. Stimulating this nerve sends signals to structures deep in the brain that regulate mood and attention.

The Massage techniques we use in the gym have been shown to boost bonding hormones, oxytocin, and serotonin; many of our members talk about how they feel better about themselves and connect more to their faces in a loving way.

Cupping techniques used in My Face Yoga Gym have been proven effective in decompressing the deep layer of the skin and SMAS for improved hydration, less stiffness, and increased collagen production.

Want to take your face to the next level, improve shape and radiance, and feel confident in your skin? Shop the best of Face Yoga products in the shop, and then join the My Face Yoga Gym to take your practice to the next level.

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