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Your Face Yoga Workout In Under 10 Minutes

Your Face Yoga Workout In Under 10 Minutes

"This is THE face yoga practice for the

busy modern woman!" - Niki


I am so excited to launch our highly anticipated, new series 'Face Yoga For The Busy Woman'. This is a curated series featuring 10 short workouts that will suit the everyday life of the busy modern woman.

Are you tired of looking like something the cat dragged in? Our modern lives can be so very challenging and they can easily wreak havoc on our looks, beauty, and appearance. This is where a super-fast, and easy 10-minute face yoga routine can meet you and transform your tired appearance in seconds. This is giving to yourself, and self-care on a whole new level!

I promise you, that these new exercises are truly transformative...

If you are already a paid member of the gym, then you will have access to this new series instantly.

If you are on a free membership or haven't yet joined, now is the best time to sign up! Even if you have been lagging on your face yoga practice - this new series will get you reinspired.

Join us in the gym for the new series and tap into the uplifting energy of these dynamic exercises. In under 10 minutes, you will experience the benefits of a daily face yoga habit!

We all know what exercises for the body do to your wellbeing and the way you look. Face yoga is similar in the way it energizes, tones, and uplifts your face AND your mood.


Who Is The Program For?

This series of 10 key face yoga exercises that are all 5-10 minutes long are suitable for all you busy women!

Mothers, business women, time poor ladies who are struggling to keep up with their practice but are committed to the results face yoga can produce.

This series was designed for women on the go.


How To Access The Program

the busy women face yoga series can be accessed through the website and app. This is an exclusive series for all gym members.

if you are already a gym member you will have access, if you haven't yet signed up - now is the time!


The Benefits Of The Program

reduces fine lines and wrinkles

firms and tones the skin

lifts dormant muscles

activates your brain (science backed)

stimulates cellular production

youthful glow

boosts your mind

more self confidence


Key Workouts

these are new face yoga workouts that have never been released before. I have studied their effiencency and how to best structure the series so that you can get the best results fast.

My eagerly anticipated AM morning routine is also featured!

Join us in the Gym now and you will receive:

  • Get started with a monthly plan, join our Monthly membership for only 19.99 USD a month, or save 25% by joining the Annual membership at 179.99 USD.

  • With both memberships, you get access to our full gym features and our App, which you can download in App Store, and Google Play.

  • Gym features:

  • +130 workouts for your face, including face yoga, gua sha, and cupping facials.

  • Beginner to advanced workouts

  • 5-week beginner program

  • Weekly workout schedule

  • Community news feed.

  • Private profile, save images and track your progress.

  • App, conveniently keep your face gym on your phone.

Your order is reserved for 60:00 minutes!

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