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The Best Facial Oil Ingredients To Use With Facial Cupping

The Best Facial Oil Ingredients To Use With Facial Cupping


When working on perfecting your facial cupping technique, it is essential that you also utilise the right facial oil. This can mean everything from a positive face cupping experience to a mediocre one, as it will prime your skin and allow the facial cup the ultimate texture to perform its magic.

Many of my beauty obsessed followers and fellow face yogis have been asking me about which type of facial oil I recommend them to use, so… here it is! We are deep diving with my two favourite face oil ingredients and why.

So what do you look for in a face oil for cupping and how do you use it?

How to use facial oil?

The oil you choose for facial cupping should have three types of benefits - assist in moisturising your skin, create a well-lubricated barrier between the skin and the facial cup, and perform a light cleanse during the facial cupping. This means you need to choose your oil well so that it won’t clog your pores whilst performing its important duties.


What is oil cleansing?

Oil cleansing is a handy technique where you can make use of an oil-based cleanser to remove the impurities from the skin. The oil essentially ‘draws out' the impurities and helps to unclog pores. To do this technique, simply rub a few drops of the oil between your palms, heating the oil up which will activate its ingredients, and then massage it into the skin. Then use a damp cloth to wipe off the majority of the oil. It’s nice to leave a lasting element of the oil on the skin as this will help to moisturise and won’t strip the skin of its precious oils. 


How does oil hydrate the skin?

Facial oil for cupping should be heavy, and I find the best ingredients that are light but nourishing are Argan and Rose Hip oil. Both of these oils work fast to hydrate your skin whilst also acting as a strong barrier to the facial cup. These oils allow the cup to glide easily, and help the cup vacuum onto the skin.The nourishing elements of the oil can help boost and repair your skin with a myriad of complex, beauty-boosting ingredients.

Why is quality important?

We are what we eat, just the same as we are what we put onto our skin. As we age, the renewal of lipids in the epidermis slows down, and UV rays, pollution, and lifestyle choices cause damage. Because face oils are composed of fatty acids (just like the lipids in the epidermis), they penetrate the skin easily, passing through the lipid layer and helping prevent transdermal water loss, helping to rebalance skin and restore a healthy complexion. 

This means that what ingredients we are using in our face oils are so quickly and readily absorbed by our bodies. We will become what products we are using. It is more important than ever to use high-quality, organic, and/or cold-pressed oils. A small bath is preferred as the quality is better retained. But if you can’t find an oil that ticks all of these boxes - don’t fret! Just one tick will get you far and ensure you are doing a little bit more good for either your skin, your body, or the earth!


Cupping and Facial Oil - The Round Up!

To enjoy all the benefits of facial cupping and using high-quality oil, go for either Argan Oil or Rose Hip Oil. There are many brands to choose from, look for one that is ideally organic and made locally to where you live.

Always practice your facial cupping on clean skin with a few drops of facial oil. Always wash your facial cup after use, and you will likely need a little more oil or moisturiser after the cupping session.  


Do you want to join our Face Cupping Challenge and see how this beauty method could revolutionise the way you look?

The discussions have been running hot among fellow avid beauty followers about how this simple but powerful tool has helped to create a more youthful appearance. Soon I will be bringing in a 14 day challenge to my beauty community that will see us optimise and learn more about what these tools can do for our faces.

We will be starting the challenge in 3 weeks - on October 3rd 2022, which gives you the perfect timing to invest in your facial cups. I recommend two cups to my clients - one for each hand so that you can cup on the go!


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