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The Beauty Tool Kit and Why You Need It For Your Face Yoga

The Beauty Tool Kit and Why You Need It For Your Face Yoga

If you don’t already own a beauty tool kit, then now is very much the time to invest. These kits have been selling out time and time again, as they are an essential addition to the face yoga practice. Not only are the kits cheaper to buy as a bundle than individually, but they also give you an advantage in your daily beauty routine. Let’s take a look at what makes the Beauty Kits such good value.

Facial Cupping Tutorial

Sometimes, the best place to start to understand beauty tools is to watch one of my recent videos. This special face yoga lesson the Gym is focused on easing wrinkles around the eyes and brows using the Facial Cup. The Facial Cup assists to melt away frown lines and forehead wrinkles. Watch the tools in use, and then shop the kit for your own at-home face yoga practice.


What Is In The Beauty Kit?

The Mini Gua Sha

This little breathtaking and multi-functional mini gua sha massager can become your new favorite tool for use anytime and anywhere. With gua sha and acupressure techniques, you have an eternal product you can always use to relieve tension and blockages, calm the nervous system, and create the most beautiful lymph massage routines. It is an essential and high-quality tool crafted to last a life time.



  • Erase fine lines & wrinkles.

  • Remove tension with acupressure and pressure point massage.

  • Refreshing eye massage.

  • Travel-friendly and protective case


The small mini gua sha is made of metal, which ensures long life and reduces the possibility of it breaking, as quartz/stone can very easily do.

Mini gua sha can be reused, resold, or inherited, as it is made of a material that does not break.

Both the mini gua sha and the case can be divided and sorted properly, ensuring the most optimal solution for recycling.

Recommended for:

Normal, combination, tired/gray, dehydrated, stressed, and devitalized skin.


The Facial Cup

This velour-soft facial cupping provides a better grip and reduces lint accumulation on the cup. This is often a problem with other silicone facial cupping tools. Cupping is a massage method that allows you to massage and cleanse the connective tissue. Blood flow is stimulated to give oxygen and nourishment to the skin, and any waste products are transported away. Facial cupping has a smoothing effect on lines and wrinkles and creates glow and vitality in the face.

Squeeze, suck, and move! Improve the overall condition of your facial skin with this revitalizing self-care treatment. This ancient healing practice of suction therapy gently vacuums and stimulates tissues which reduces facial stress and tension and increase the circulation of oxygen-rich blood, energy (Qi), and lymph flow. Its deeply invigorating action encourages collagen production, which restores the elasticity and texture of the skin. Improved tone and a brighter complexion should be noted while fine lines are smoothened. It is also a great way to reduce sinus pressure and congestion.


  • Stimulates blood flow.

  • Provides oxygen and nourishment to the skin.

  • Smoothing effect on lines and wrinkles.

  • Reduce fluid retention


Recommended for:

Normal, combination, tired/gray, dehydrated, stressed, and devitalized skin.

The Velvet Facial Cupping Tool is made of 100% food-grade silicone (free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates) and is sold without extra and unnecessary packaging.

The Velvet Facial Cupping Tool is sold in a travel-friendly fabric bag. Reuse the Velvet Facial Cupping Tool as it is made of a material that lasts for many years and must therefore not be replaced or broken like a glass of facial cupping can do.

You can use these beauty tools in a range of exercises as seen in the MyFaceYogaGym


These are special, small-batch-made beauty tools and are loved by beauty nerds around the world.

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